Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Build a Potato Cannon Wall Poster

Here's another poster that looks great on the wall of just about any workshop, classroom, or bedroom: How to Build a Flamethrower. I developed this poster with my professional graphic designer colleague, Jon. Huge: 3' X 2', full color. Great to have, great to give.

The poster covers the design and construction of a powerful spud gun, and covers a variety of ignition methods including taser-powered, piezo-electric, and good ole fashioned flint and steel. I've made *lots* of these and my best ideas are all here. Enjoy a 300 foot blast!

Check out the "How to Build a Flamethrower" Poster as well

You can see more and buy it at www.ballisticom.com

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Build a Flamethrower Poster

I'm excited to say my new poster: How to Build a Flamethrower is ready to go! I developed this poster with a professional graphic designer. It's full color and measures 36-inches high X 24-inches wide. Everything you need to know (with a bit of web support) to build a kick-butt, working flamethrower! A flame 15 feet high!

It's the perfect holiday gift for the person who loves stuff like this.

It looks cool on the wall of your workshop, bedroom, or classroom.

Find out more at www.ballisticom.com