Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slouch or no slouch?

The AP published a story, available here, exploring the growing number of people who are building and making things in their garages and basements. It's an article worth reading, for several reasons.

First, it provides several good examples of the type of projects peope are are undertaking.

Second, it lists severa websites and magazines that provide ideas and inspirations for many interesting and instructional projects.

Finally, and not least, I think it's a good article because it contains these words:

"William Gurstelle is no slouch."
I've been telling people this for years. Now maybe they'll believe me. After all, the Associated Press is never wrong

Which leads to a new game show concept: Slouch or No Slouch. This was first suggested to me by Dale Dougherty, publisher of Make Magazine. It could work like this:

Each week a person who believes they are pretty good at doing one particular thing, does something they haven't tried before and get judged on how well they do it. For instance, a football player learns ballet, a scientist makes beer, a beekeeper trains a dog. Then at the end, the judges evaluate the outcome and declare the contestant a slouch or no slouch.


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Sylvia said...

It sounds a little like the actual BBC reality show Faking It (I believe somebody's doing an American version, but I prefer the original, which used to run on BBC America a lot). My favorites were the punk bike messenger who was transformed into a symphony conductor, and the London yuppie (who loved dogs but couldn't own one in his flat) who was paired up with an untrained dog and together they had to train for and compete in a real dog show.