Friday, February 10, 2006

Live Fast and Die Young

Police in Britain use speed cameras to identify and fine speeders automatically. They look like this <-

Evidentally, they are controversial but do provide some interesting reading on occasion. From the BBC: Record speed biker dies in crash

A Welsh motorcyclist died in a crash while riding his motorcycle at a speed in excess of 100mph. I believe his bike was a Suzuki GSX series crotch rocket. I am no authority on fast motorcycles but evidently these Suzukis are incredibly fast. According to experts, one particular model, the GSX1300R was designed to be the fastest sportbike on the market, designed and built specifically to conquer the previous top speed records set by all other production motorcycles. This model has a giant powerplant sized at 1298cc but also an extraordinarly aerodynamic profile. That's a real fast bike .

The same rider was picked up a few years earlier by police who clocked him speeding at 155mph on a fast Honda. That speed was was the highest ever recorded in Britain. I guess he didn't learn his lesson. From the BBC site:

Lee Beddis, 37, of Blaina, near Ebbw Vale, was killed when he hit a car on a 60mph road near Usk in Monmouthshire on his way to work, an inquest heard.

"The sole reason for Mr Beddis's death was the outrageous speed at which he was travelling on a quiet country lane said police spokesperson Wendy James.

In May 2002, he was banned from driving for a year after riding so fast he was "like a blur" to other motorists. A police camera recorded his speed as 155mph - at the time the highest-ever reading on a speed camera. He was riding along a 60mph road at the time.

Sometimes the cameras get it wrong, though. Also from the BBC:

A farmer from Wiltshire has received an apology after he was accused of doing 85mph on his tractor in south Wales. Steve Crossman was sent a ticket after a speed camera on the A465 near Neath allegedly snapped him.

But the six-year-old green-and-yellow tractor has a top speed of only 26mph and has never been to Wales. Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership said it had misread a number plate and has apologised. The real speeding driver escaped a ticket.

The first 49-year-old Mr Crossman knew of his tractor's alleged antics was when a letter arrived at home, Mill Farm in Horningsham near Warminster.

"It's a good tractor,” said Crossman. “But not that good.”


Em Carter said...

Here in Australia, we've had the same thing happen. A tractor clocked at 80 something km/h even though it can't go more than forty. But the most famous one in Oz is the stobie pole (power line pole) that got clocked above the speed limit. Can't remember the speed though.

uno said...

that's happened in South Africa as well. mostly because the licence plates are faked.