Monday, February 06, 2006

Make Magazine Vol 5

The new copy of Make Magazine just arrived in the mail. I admit I am favorably disposed towards the magazine because I write for them, but the latest issue really is fabulous. O'Reilly Press (of computer book fame) publishes Make. They seem to be blowing the doors out in terms of subscriptions.

There are 39 titled articles in the latest issue, Volume 5 , and many of these are step by step instructions for how to build things. The projects I like best include:

  • Water rocket (has a very clever trigger mechanism)
  • Backyard Zip Line (Note: I would suggest adding an old rubber car tire for shock absorption)
  • The Jam Jar Jet (disclaimer: I wrote this one. But that doesn't mean I can't like it best)
Mark of Boingboing fame is the editor in chief of Make. I can't figure out how this guy can do so many things at once.

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