Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dippy Bird Power

I bought six Dippy Birds from Edmund Scientific for an assignment I'm working on. I can only get three of them to work. That's a 50 percent out of box failure rate. I don't think it's something I'm doing wrong, I mean, it's just a dippy bird. You stick their head in water and they dip. But three of them don't. Beats me.

Anyway, the three that do work are a great source of entertaiment. I find myself staring at them and chuckling a lot. They are really goofy looking. Obviously, the question that comes to mind is why hasn't some utility company set up a complex of 400 foot high dippy birds connected to generators to provide a never ending source of clean, reliable dippy bird power? Some arid coastline, say around Lake Mead, would be perfect.

-- Artists rendition of 40 megawatt dippy bird power plant


dan b. said...

Have you seen the 6-foot tall ones?

Karl Niemann said...

This site discusses the 6-foot tall ones as well as a serious engineering effort to harness the energy for lifting water in egypt

John Lipinski said...

ha ha ha! you sir are a genius! dippy bird power, yay