Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jeff Corwin meets Stampy

Jeff Corwin, my favorite TV naturalist since the recent demise of Steve Irwin, got crosswise with an elephant. The video is quite graphic, but luckily for him, the beast wasn't real serious about doing him harm.

The video of Corwin getting the raw end of the elephant encounter is here

In the course of researching sections of Whoosh Boom Splat - the Garage Warrior's Guide to Projectile Shooters, which is my new book, I came across several rather bizarre tales of human - elephant interaction. Two incidents in the USA particularly stand out. Both incidents culminate in the public execution of two elephants -- one by hanging and one by electrocution. Both tales are fascinating in a Chuck Shepard News of the Weird kind of way.

What the public, legal execution of the elephants Topsy and Mary has to do with projectile shooters is hard to explain, so, I won't try. Google "hanging elephant" or "electrocuted elephant" and you'll get the morbid details.

Corwin's pachyderm nemesis apparently doesn't have a name already, so I'm going to call him "Stampy."

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