Friday, March 16, 2007

Places to Drive Fast

There is a controversy a'brewin in Germany about speed limits on the Autobahn. Seems that German Porshe and BMW owners do not want keep all those horses under their hood tethered to a mere 80 miles per hour, when they're used to going, say 170. As anybody with a high cylinder index will tell you, if you've got the cylinders, you want to use them.

What can they do?

As a service to them and all other speed lovers, here's Bill's list of places you can drive fast, legally.


  • 80 mph in West Texas (yee-hah!)
  • 80 mph (approx) in most of Eastern Europe - Poland, Slovenia, Romania, etc

Less Slow:
  • 95 mph on portions of the Italian Autostrade
  • 100 mph on portions of the Austria Autobahn

Road in Nepal -->

Not Slow: Places without limits
  • German Autobahn
  • Unposted areas on the Isle of Man
  • Unposted areas in Nepal
( But I can't really imagine driving all that fast in Nepal, given all the yak-cart traffic slowing you down.)


jeremiah said...

You forgot the state of Montana, a state with no speed limit of its own during the daytime. Couple that with no national speed limit, and you have some very fast, legal driving.

I've never been but I've heard of people passing police officers at 110+ MPH without even being noticed by the police.

As long as you're not driving too fast for conditions you can go as fast as you want.

JRae said...

I believe the limit is 130 kph (a touch over 80 mph) on the motorways in France.

Looza said...

Alot of the german autobahn is already speedlimited to 130kmh (80mph). There are still enough parts without speedlimits, though.

Problem is that the autobahn is quite crowded normally and some dumbnut with 400+ hp under the hood and no real driving skills can easily kill a few people if something goes wrong.

Bobby said...

You forgot the state of Montana, a state with no speed limit of its own during the daytime

This hasn't been true at all since June of 1999. Montana definatly has a daytime speed limit, see for yourself at the Montana DOT:

The tickets are only approx. $20 for every 10 miles over the limit, though, until you hit 30+ miles over:

Nick suth said...

I don't know about you guys but on the drive from NYC to Syracuse I go about 90 or 95 and that is what most people do 80 is average for highways around here