Friday, January 09, 2009

Make: Television is on the air!

Make: Television comes to the airwaves!

This is a shot of me, John Edgar Park (who I think I'll start called Eggy for short), and the television show crew working on one of the projects we describe on the show.

As I've mentioned before, I'm one of the producers and on air presenters for the new national television series, Make: Television. It will be carried by roughly 75% of all public television stations in the USA. Many stations including those in the Minneapolis, Washington DC, New York, Miami, and San Francisco areas have already scheduled it into their programming while many others are waiting until later in the year to slot it.

It's a terrific show, if I do say so myself. It's (as the name implies) a show about making things. We feature the inventors artists, musicians, tinkerers, and other folks who mix up art, technology, tools, and imagination to build some of the coolest stuff you could ever imagine.

Truly, it's a show for the times. It's green and clean, as it shows how to make use of things that otherwise might be discarded or junked. The projects we describe are typically low cost and rely more on creativity and imagination than on dollars. Plus it's about coming to terms and feeling comfortable with the technology that permeates modern life.

That might sound high-falutin, but it's true. Visit to find out where and when it's on in your town. Episodes will also be made available on the web for those who don't have broadcast access. Use the form on my website to comment and make suggestions.

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