Thursday, June 01, 2006

Support United Nuclear

Don't Try This at Home: Garage chemistry used to be a rite of passage for geeky kids. But in their search for terrorist cells and meth labs, authorities are making a federal case out of DIY science.

-Wired Magazine

The latest edition of Wired Magazine contains this article, which is concerned with the current state of affairs regarding governmental control of materials versus science education in the USA. I feel this is a sad state of affairs, one in which the best parts of science and technology are being forced out of existence in the name of extreme and probably uneccessary security and safety concerns.

It's worth checking out the United Nuclear website if only to get their perspective and find out what it is they do. While I haven't done any independent checking, it seems that the FCC is clamping down on what appears to be stuff that isn't really worth clamping down upon.

This is not, in my opinion, what the government should be spending tax dollars on.


KING VOLCANO!!!! said...

Hi Bill,

something the wired article didn't mention, strangely enough:

Bob Lazar, United Nuclear's proprietor, has some notoriety as a guy who (claims to have) worked at Area 51, back-engineering alien spacecraft powered by "element 115". His story (true or false) is one of the main reasons Area 51 has entered the public consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. We must support
United Nuclear. They are not
doing anything illegal. I
guess the fat rich oil men
just don't want Hydrogen
fuel to come out. They are the
one's that are doing illegal
practices. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Excellent. If you folks in the US can just keep letting your government ban science and progress for another 10 years, the rest of the world will pick up the slack. C'mon guys, start fighting back!