Tuesday, May 30, 2006

English Police Take Spud Gun Threat Seriously

<- Churchill at Biggleswade in 1955

Swoop on spud gun boy

ARMED police swooped on a residential street to arrest a boy with a spud gun.

Police were called to Winston Crescent, Biggleswade, to a report of a youngster carrying a firearm.

(note that address: "Winston Cresent, Biggleswade".

Imagine being asked your address and being able to answer, "Winston Cresent, Biggleswade." That is just so cool.

The force helicopter was scrambled, an armed unit was sent out, and the road closed off.

But when officers visited the 15-year-old's house, it turned out the only weapons in his possession were a potato gun and a BB gun.

He was cautioned following the incident on Wednesday night.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire police said: "The firearm turned out to be a spud gun, but the person who called the police did exactly the right thing. If you have any sort of gun at all, don't carry it in public."

30 May 2006

First appeared in the Cambridge Evening News

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