Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Blog for lovers of Fire Art: Flame Effects Blog

My friend Mikey Sklar has recently started a blog on the topic of fire art.
He wrote me that,
"It had bothered me to no end that there was no single place to easily learn about some of the amazing fire installations that had been designed in the last decade."

Mikey's blog is the best place to visit to understand some of the things the artists who specialize in this genre are doing. I saw a lot of fire art at Burning Man and there are other hot spots (no pun intended) as well; for instance the Crucible in San Francisco and the Fire Arts Center in Chicago.

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ced180 said...

Fire art? That's something interesting. It's a bit scary too. Anyway, thank you for suggesting the link. I Will try to visit and learn further on this extraordinary art.