Monday, May 08, 2006

Beer Ad with Terrific Trebuchet

Here's an Australian beer ad that is well worth watching. The highlight is the great catapult (it's a trebuchet actually) action and the way the hurling synchs up with the march from the Great Escape. Very well done.

While I'm on the subject of Australian beer ads, here's a link to the REAALY BIG AD, from Carlton, which is very clever as well. Fans of Orff's Carmina Burana will be doubly impressed


Anonymous said...

I can't get either link to work, but I googled for the love of beer and found the ad. Brilliant!

The Carlton ad / is also great.


Michael Abrams said...

I;d think you of all people would take this opportunity to use Trebuchet, the font. Or do you get that all the time?

Sam Berringer said...

Hey! The Trebuchet from that ad is now for sale on eBay! Go to and search for trebuchet and you'll see it there! Wow!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the dear's face on the Tooheys New label you will see a subliminaly imbeded SEX across its face.The E is right next to the nostril (easy enough to see)the X is the dark part that forms a cross in the inner right ear and the S is the ear on the left.So the S snd E are light and the X is dark.Take a look.