Saturday, June 17, 2006

Explore the Technology Underground!

Welcome to Notes from the Technology Underground. The Tech Underground is a world of edgy, highly kinetic, physical science. If there's news on stuff goes whoosh, boom, or splat, then, this is the place to read about it.

During the summer, it's hard for me to update the blog regularly, but check back from time to time to see what's new. I plan to start posting more regularly in a few months.

Here are links to some of my favorite posts:

1000 Dead Men:
A description of the Gerry Report, perhaps the most grotesque bureaucratic report in all of American history.

The 10 Best North American Geek Fests
A link to a recent article I wrote for Wired Magazine

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Robotic Combat
Remember Robot Wars? Many are still at it.

Hollywood's Catapult Warrior
Orlando Bloom's catapult fetish.

Celebratory Gun Firing: Good Idea or Not?
What goes up, must come down. A lot of comments on this one.

Nitric Acid Acts Upon Trousers
Ira Remsen, a chemist with a great sense of humor.

Fun With Jet Engines
Cool video.

Dippy Bird Power
My idea to end the energy crisis.

Navy Swimmer Nullification Program
A bizarre government defense program comes to light

My Name is Bond; Covalent Bond
Chemistry sets ain't what they used to be.

Water Bears - The World's Toughest Animal
Fun with tartigrades.

Please write in with comments, ideas, and experiences.


Anonymous said...

Do any techie people out there have a sense of whether this orbital booster idea would work?


Anonymous said...

verymuch useful info

tin413 said...

I think it is a cool blog. I am not a techno fanatic. But those topics or issues are quite a catch. I know that those are very educational. Maybe I could even recommend those topics to my students to research about!

mtheiler said...

Yeah, the topics are pretty interesting and yes some good info.

Marc Theiler
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