Sunday, March 19, 2006

My name is Bond; Covalent Bond

A short ride through the archives. A collection of interesting past posts dealing with chemistry

Nitric Acid Acts Upon Trousers
In 1879 preeminent American chemist Ira Remsen made the greatest discovery of his career by accident. . . .

Exploding Cow Chemistry
There is an urban legend connected with the idea of an exploding cow. One minute it's there mooing and chewing. The next moment, a firestorm of tenderloin and brisket bits, covering fields with goop for blocks.

How could a cow explode? Methane. . . .

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab

Gilbert himself was a person who was interested in more than money. He was said to be deeply involved in the mission of his company, that is, to bring kids to enjoy and appreciate science. So, he tried several other avenues besides chemistry sets as well. Among them was the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab. . . .

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