Monday, March 27, 2006

Hamster Power

I love being a writer. My datebook is filled with to-do-lists with stuff on it like:
1. Finish hamster powered nightlight article
2. interview paper shredding plant operator
3. think of something original for blog

That train of thought (at least the trains of thought resulting from the first and third items above) leads to this: I've got an article coming up in a major national magazine (guess which one) that shows readers how to build a hamster powered generator capable of doing meaningful work, if by meaningful work, you mean lighting a single red LED.

There's a lot of latent energy going to waste in our nation's hamster population. Harnessing that energy could help solve our future energy needs.

And that thought leads to this film clip on the website, Notice: no hamsters were hurt in the making of this film, probably.


Aaron said...

I'm not sure if you've seen this, or if you were inspired otherwise but either way I like the hampster power idea

Hamsterboy said...

Hey, really interesting blog! I've recently started a hamsterblog myself. Just check it out! --- Hamsterfriend

John Lipinski said...

hmm... i want to say... popular science? that could be a good thing in the how 2.0 section of it. good thinking