Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Above, artist's rendition of me, walking out of the big box electronics retailer's store on Monday. This is just after finding out their technicians erased my hard drive by mistake.

Posts on Notes from the Technology Underground have been a little thin lately. That's because I took my computer in to a large, national computer services company for a tune up. The young and evidently poorly technicians in their skinny black ties reformatted my hard drive. Without my authorization. This is a very, very bad - I lost a lot of data. (It's amazing how much data isn't backed up like it should be!) Anyway, recovering from this nightmare has been time consuming.

Anyway, I'm getting closer to being back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Name names! Save us from the error!

Les said...


I feel your pain. said...

"That's because I took my computer in to a large, national computer services company for a tune up."?!?

Why would you pay someone else to do what any person with average computer skills could do themselves in about an hour?

Why would you ever trust someone at a "large, national computer services company" with YOUR DATA?!?

I am almost speechless....

Michael Shannon
Author "Computer Secrets I Taught My Mom"

jeremiah said...

a couple years ago i worked at a place like this. i had just moved back to the US and needed a job fast so tech support i what I did.

one of my coworkers, who was *always* critisizing everyone else on their work, but of course knew little himself, felt the need to help another tech and fix this nice lady's computer while her tech was out on a service call to a business.

the incompetent complainer (60+ years old, btw) called to verify what was needed, the lady wanted a bigger hard drive. it was decided that the smaller older hard drive would be imaged to the bigger hard drive with Norton Ghost. Okay.

the Aged Idiot imaged the larger, empty drive onto the smaller drive, wiping out everything she had. The woman ran a home business on this pc.

When he realized what he'd done (hours later after it wouldn't boot) he called her and told her her old hard drive failed right as it started copying. he had zero difficulty telling this lie (to the customer, and later to management) and defended his actions for weeks afterwards.

this was on-par with his usual work, too.

NotGood_DaD said...

I was wondering why the posting had dried up a bit .. and this explains it !

I was well pleased when I visited here again this cold and wet Sat morning and I saw a heap of fresh content ... good one and keep it up .. and remember to BACKUP from now on ;)

Anonymous said...

You should have forced them to send the drive to a data recovery company.