Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mark, My Editor at Make to be on the Colbert Report

My editor (and friend) at Make Magazine tells me that he'll be on the Colbert Report Comedy Central on Tuesday, March 6. Mark Frauenfelder is a wonderfully interesting guy and I'm looking forward to the show. He's written several books including The World's Worst: A Guide To The Most Disgusting Hideous; Inept, And Dangerous People, Places, And Things On Earth, which quite clever and very attractively priced on Amazon right now.

Based on what he usually talks about on Boing Boing, I figured he'd be talking about homeland security paranoia; e.g. the Aqua Team Hunger Force flashing sign overreaction.

But he tells me he's there to talk about Make. Even better. It looks like this magazine is starting to garner some big attention.

I wonder if he'll talk about the potato gun or tensegrity tower articles I did?

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