Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The York Pennsyvania Cabin Fever Expo

Speaking of people with high cylinder indexes, (see previous post, below) I recently returned from an event in York Pennsylvania called the Cabin Fever Expo. It's fairly large, and about 8000 people show up from all over to see what the country's best modelers are modeling. For example, there are people who machine miniature gasoline engines on mills and lathes they keep in their workshops. There are steam engined powered boats, trains, model sawmills, and so on.

My hat is off to the men (it's almost completely male) who have the ability to make these wonderful machines. The craftsman ship is outstanding.

Some of the machines are so intricate, that I figured it must have taken several hundred hours of work to get that far. So, I kept asking the modelers "how much time did you spend making this engine (airplane/boat/machinegun/etc)?"

None of them could give me an answer. Evidently, its about something more important than time.

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