Friday, February 16, 2007

Make Magazine #9 out now. Includes Bullwhip!

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I'll try to rectify that. I've also changed some programming things so the RSS feed to this blog should hopefully work now.

Make #9, the fringe science issue is out and on the newstands. This is the world's best magazine, hands down. I am proud to be writing for it. I've got several pieces in it, including one on how to make a bullwhip. I've made a few now, and they are great fun to make and use.

Speaking of bullwhips, this just in from the website,

Harrison Ford threatens to quit Indina Jones!

Date: 01/02/2007

Harrison Ford has threatened to quit the new Indiana Jones movie, unless he gets to use a real whip.

The 64-year-old actor, who plays the daredevil archaeologist, was told the weapon would have to be computer generated because of new film safety rules.

Harrison branded the rule "ridiculous" and said he would pull out of the film if he couldn't wield his whip.

A source said: "The idea was to take away the risk element the whip carries.

"Safety laws have changed since the last film and movie makers have to be much more careful.

Now they use computer graphics for any dangerous stuff."

Harrison was 39-years-old when the first Indiana Jones movie, 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' was released in 1981.

'The Temple Of Doom' followed in 1983 and 'The Last Crusade' five years later.

The trilogy made more than £600 million at the box office.

The fourth movie is due for release next year.

I must say, I side with Harrison Ford on this. I think actually being able to hold and crack the whip would be pretty important to getting into the character. While there is some risk, I do not believe them to be particularly dangerous. Better that than say, driving while talking on a cell phone.

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