Thursday, December 22, 2005

Do you know of any Underground Technology events?

If you know of an event, contest, or other occurance relevant to the Technology Underground, please let me know. If it goes whoosh, boom, or splat; if it goes buzz, or whirr; if it makes sparks or bright lights; I'd love to hear about it. Post or email, it's all good.

Quotation of the Day: "His study was a total mess, like the results of an explosion in a public library." -- Douglas Adams

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Bill Beaty said...

Seattle has two: my own "Weird Science Salon" (first fridays of each month,) and "Dorkbot Seattle" (first wednesdays.) The weirdsci salon has occasional Tesla Coilers and crackpot science lectures, but mostly we think up unwise new "physics demonstrations" for microwave ovens: . The monthly Dorkbot meetings are more organized and feature show-and-tell as well as lectures by and for computer artists, tech sculptors, video and electronic music phreaks, and "people doing strange things with electricity."