Sunday, December 25, 2005

X-Plosive Art Part 2

The previous post reminds me of another weird art-bomb story.

Remember Luke Helder, the UW student (my alma mater, hmmm..) who was accused of planting pipe bombs in mailboxes so that a map of their placement would resemble a smiley face? I looked him up on the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator. Looks like he's still in a mental ward, in a Rochester Minnesota prison hospital.


Sal said...

Just what I wanted to know! You've certainly made my day less stressfull! LOL

Anonymous said...

We've had a couple of bomb scares here in Madison over the last few days. One pipe bomb in the Henry St parking ramp exploded, injuring someone. There were two previous incidents with "suspicious packages" that may have been duds or dry runs.

Also, a weird thing with a city bus - ATF says no bomb or explosion, but a manhole cover blew off as a bus passed over it, with enough force that it tore through the floor of the bus leaving a gaping hole and "sent the bus up in the air and pushed it 200 feet" according to a news report. "The bus came down so hard that the front windshield cracked."

Feds are calling it mechanical failure.

John Lipinski said...

wow, some people are so stupid and... stupid. he should be in a mental hospital