Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fruitcake Launching by Catapult

I'm told that Fairmont, Minnesota (down near the Iowa border) is holding a Fruitcake Launching Event, in which fruitcakes are shot out of catapults and other machines. There are other events as well, such as a fruitcake poetry contest, and decorating contest with prizes for ugliest and most beautiful cakes. If you don't have fruitcake or a catapult, there are some available to rent.

Dates: February 18, 2006
Fairmont, MN 56031
Info? Call (507) 235-5547


Gomez said...

There is another, well established, fruit-cake tossing contest in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I don't know whether air cannons or catapults are allowed, but have been meaning to find out since the Denver Mad Scientists Club (of which I am a founding member) has a several powerful air cannons among us, ranging from C-cell caliber to 10" pumpkin caliber.

cenoxo said...

Manitou Springs, Colorado (just west of Colorado Springs) will have its annual Great Fruitcake Toss this coming Saturday, January 7, 2006. There are four categories: Toss - hand-thrown; Hurl - by catapult (owned by the organizers); Launch - mechanical devices; Pneumatic Spud Gun.

The rules (PDF file) say:

4. For the Fruitcake Launch the device used to launch the fruitcake must not be powered by fuel (ie: no motors, engines, gasoline, diesel, etc.) The maximum length of the hurling device will be 10 feet. Safety is the most important issue. Any device deemed not to be safe by the organizing committee will not be allowed to compete.

5. Pneumatics or air powered (spud guns) will be a separate competition. Only pneumatic spud guns can be used. Guns must be made entirely out of either ABS pipe or PVE pipe. DO NOT MIX PIPE TYPES. Length of spud gun is up to the contestant keeping in mind the contestant must have complete control of spud gun at all times. Only compressed air from bicycle pumps will be allowed on the field. No 12 volt tire or big air compressors.

You also have to bring your own ammunition.

More details here, and pictures from the 2002 Toss (including the cake-in-hand shot for this post) are here.

Contact the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce for more info, (719) 685-5089.

Josh said...

Of course there is another fruitcake flinging competition. Fairmont has no originality of their own what so ever. Bored?