Tuesday, December 27, 2005

X-plosive Art Part 3 - Colder Darker Matter

[After what Luke Helder and Chris Hackett allegedly did (X-plosive art 1 and 2, posted below), this almost makes sense by comparison. Which is something I rarely say about modern art.]

Thru March 5, 2006
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA, USA

Cornelia Parker is a British artist whose work is in some of the world's largest museums of modern art. Her best known work is Cold Dark Matter - An Exploded View (1991)

Quoting from the Chisenhale Gallery website:
"Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View consists of a garden shed and its various miscellaneous contents, which had been literally blown up by the army. The exploded shed was suspended from the ceiling of the gallery with a single light source at its centre."

The current San Francisco exhibition features her newer work of exploded art, Colder Darker Matter, and another blown up piece, both similar in concept, except the pieces come from two churches, one blown up by a lightning and the other by an arsonist. See it and ponder.

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John Lipinski said...

wow, she is a very talented artist, her work must have taken a while