Tuesday, December 20, 2005

FLUGTAG! Those magnificent men in their falling machines

Technology Underground Event Update:
Date and place announcement for Arizona Flugtag
April 29, 2006 Tempe Arizona

The first Flugtag took place in Austria in 1991. Since then, the dream of flying hand-made machines into unsuspecting bodies of water has spread like wildfire. From Ireland to San Francisco, inspired pilots construct their own craft, the more outrageous, the better. The distances covered are not always impressive, but the artistry and the pre-launch showmanship are terrific


Armchair Anarchist said...

We have a similar event every year in a small seaside town called Bognor Regis in the UK, the 'Bognor Birdman'.

Official site: http://www.birdman.org.uk/

I've attended a couple of times, and it's always a good laugh; as you say, more about the showmanship than the flights, although some folk take it pretty seriously (usually glider enthusiasts etc).

Liking your blog (reffered here by BoingBoing); always had an interest in the crazy end of science that you never got to see in the classroom! It's now in the bookmarks list. Good luck with the book...I may invest next time I get paid!


Anonymous said...

australia had the 'birdman rallys' in the 80's

Timothy Kelley said...

We also have a similar event started in 1977 called the Toriningen or Birdman Rally: 鳥人間コンテスト選手権大会

Unfortunately the sites I have are in Japanese, but I'll list them here regardless:

The wikipedia site is : Toriningen Wikipedia
and the Toriningen main page is: Toriningen Website

The wikipedia page has the distance records from each of the different events from each of the years.