Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pumpkin Chunkin - Second Amendment Wins Overall with Looong Throw

This is a picture I took of this year's winner at the World Championship Punkin Chunk at Millsboro Delaware. Second Amendment is a monster air cannon and can shoot a 10 pound pumpkin nearly a mile.

This year, it shot around 4330 feet, which isn't bad, but they've done better in the past. Posted by Picasa


MD Chunker said...

These things are a blast! The 2nd amendment teams are the frontrunners again, and hats off to them. An amazing thing is how much money 2nd amendment and 2nd amendment 2 have sunk and yet Mac Daddy is only a few hundred feet behind them and he has less then 5% of the money invested that those guys have!

John Lipinski said...

DUCK AND COVER! INCOMING PUMPKINS! this sound fun, i can't believe there is actually a competition to throw pumpkins.