Sunday, January 15, 2006

Exploding Chicken Part 4

Cock a Doodle Boom

Another post regarding the always fascinating (at least to me) exploding chicken meme:

A raw chicken was blown up by a police at the James Bridger Eighth Grade Center in Independence, Missouri. The explosion was intended to illustrate the destructive power of explosives and fireworks.

From the Jackson County Examiner newspaper:

The explosion ripped and blackened the chicken, throwing some pieces as far as 50 feet. The kids, many of whom jumped and squealed at the blast, were impressed by the show.

"I thought it was really cool. I saw it explode and black smoke went everywhere. Then, I got hit in the arm by a tiny piece of chicken," said student Justin Wolfe.

Wolfe said he was surprised that an M-80 firework could cause so much damage but claimed he would not be afraid to use one.

Not so, for several of the girls nearby. Cassy Paris, Rachel Dorman and Falon Galluzzi all proclaimed the chicken explosion "completely gross."

"I would be afraid to use fireworks like that," Dorman said.

Of course, that is the point of the demonstration, Parks explained.

"These are what I call illegal fireworks, basically, they are hand-made explosive devices," Parks said, pointing to a display rack of odd-sized red tubes with wicks sticking out. "We tell the kids not to touch them, not to buy them, never to hold them in your hand. Otherwise, your hand will look a lot like the chicken. There's not much left."

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