Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Geek Group Announces Open House

Not too long ago, I bought a number of electrolytic capacitors from a place in Michigan called "The Geek Group." The Geek Group seems to be a collection of like minded individuals who are pretty active builders of robots, tesla coils, alternative transportation and the like.

A description of their upcoming open house was posted on A portion of that is below:

The Geek Group is having its first Open House at the
new facility. All are encouraged to attend and swap
stories, expertise, and maybe even equipment.

The event will be Saturday, January 21st, and will run
from noon until 6 PM. Attractions include Gemini, the
twin coils operating at 10-15 kw, Thumper,a 1600VDC,
80,000 Amp Impulse Generator that will explode cans,
a can/coin crusher (bring your favorite can and we'll send
you home with a thinned outversion!), and many other
projects and demos appropriate for all ages.

Looks like a pretty full plate of projects. They are having an open house on Jan 21 at their new facility in Kalamazoo. Might be worth a look if you're in the area.

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