Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This Week in Science Radio

This Week in Science, is a weekly radio show produced by the University of California at Davis. Their motto is "TWIS - serving up cutting edge science on the radio since 2000." Kirsten and Justin, the program's hosts and producers, invited me on their show yesterday to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the Technology Underground.

Topics we covered included:
-Tesla Coils
-Rail Guns
-Potato Cannons
-The drive people have to make and experiment with interesting things

Those interested in catching it can hear it via the Internet here:

I believe you need Apple Itunes in order to listen.


Anonymous said...

The sub-title on iTunes says something about "young sexy scientists"... oh, but THEN it says "an interview with William Gurstelle." Sorry Bill.

Kiltak said...

Hey, you should point to the article directly, and not make us go through your blog! I have to admin this is interesting stuff..

[Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News

savanttard said...

Speaking of sexy geeks....
Get aload of the girl host from TWIS! Yow - Hottie!! :)

BugNerd said...

I just heard your interview through "This Week in Science". Great stuff! I have also made potato guns and yours looks a little extra complicated :) I had to come check out the anvil launching pics! *Disclaimer* *Disclaimer* Disclaimer*